Club Rules

TKC RULES & REGULATIONS 2017 (CLUB RULES) The rules & regulations that you find listed below are for guidance only. Rules may be changed at the discretion of the clerk and/or the club. If a change is to take place, adequate notice will be given so that drivers/mechanics can make the appropriate actions to be compliant. 1. Tattershall Karting Centre Club is run as a non MSA circuit however we will use MSA blue book rules which may be changed, varied or amended to suit the club at the discretion of the clerk of the course and/or the club management. 2. All drivers must have signed on to race at meetings, day membership of the club is included in race signing on fees. 3. Any driver under the age of eighteen must have their signing on sheet countersigned by a parent of guardian before being allowed to partake in racing. 4. Drivers racing in more than one class must pay an entry fee for each class. 5. If a driver wishes to use another kart it must display the drivers race number as points will only be awarded to the driver and race number that corresponds. 6. All karts and protective equipment including helmets, gloves and footwear must be inspected before practice on race day. Inspection takes place before the race meeting commences and will form part of the scrutineers check. 7. Number plates must be fitted front, rear and both sides and be kept in good condition. 8. Signing on will take place between 07.30 and 08.30. Times may be varied at the directional of the clerk of the course. 9. No driving of any road vehicle is permitted under any circumstances in parc ferme or any part of the track. Officials will be permitted to use authorised vehicles. 10. Children must be kept under control at all times. Dogs are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances. 11. Drivers must without delay obey all flag signals given by marshals. Drivers are responsible for learning all flags and their meanings before going out on the track, if you are in doubt please ask prior to racing. 12. Drivers must ensure that helmets and race suits are fully fastened and also visors must be down at all times when on the track. 13. The dummy grid and parc ferme must be kept as clear as possible. Only the driver and one mechanic are permitted on the dummy grid at any
one time. 14. A DNF will only be given after the starting (Union) flag has been raised. 15. When a race has finished a yellow flag will be held at the next available turn. Racing must stop as soon as you have crossed the line and seen the chequered flag. Drivers must slow to a steady pace and return to parc ferme. Drivers not obeying this rule, and those who continue driving at speed will be disqualified from that race and further action may be taken against you at the discretion of the clerk. 16. On return to parc ferme at race end, we can without prior notice inspect any part of your kart to ensure compliance with rules & regulations. 17. Drivers must obey all orders given by marshals without argument. Marshals will not leave their posts to assist drivers, this is for safety reasons and your own well being they are required to observe at all times. 18. During racing the Lap Scorers’ area is out of bounds 19. During racing the centre of the track is out of bounds for everyone except officials and marshals. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to run on to this area under any circumstances; non-compliance may lead to the associated driver being penalised by loss of points or disqualification. 20. Anyone requiring access to the middle of the track (pushers, marshals etc) must be signed on and must wear a hi-vis jacket. All pushers must be signed on and there must be a minimum of 5 pushers on track for each cadet race before that race is allowed to proceed. In order to ensure that the track is adequately covered, pushers will be allocated places to stand by race officials. 21. Tyres may not be warmed up on the dummy grid and aggressive movements are not permitted during the warm-up lap. Any driver who goes off during the warm-up lap will be put to the back of the grid. 22. Plastic side pods and nose cones must be fitted to all karts. 125 and 250 karts are permitted to use metal neuf bars. If any equipment becomes detached from your kart you must come off the track. Karts may be repaired in the stop/go penalty box and allowed back in the race where possible. 23. If a driver leaves the circuit they must rejoin in the same position. 24. Deliberately cutting a corner in order to gain advantage will result in a
one lap penalty. Two wheels must remain on the track to avoid penalty. Penalties will be given at the discretion of the clerk of the course. 25. Starts are to be 2 x 2 formations, rolling lap speed of 10-20 mph. No grid jumping/swapping between drivers. If you are not on your grid position when you pass the last marshal’s box (the last box before the start/finish straight) you must stay in that position. The race does not start until the flag raises or lights out. If the correct position is not obtained after 2 rolling laps, the offending driver(s) will be put to the back of the grid. 26. Any kart causing a red flag incident may only take part in the restart at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. 27. All karts involved in a serious incident must be re-inspected before being allowed to go out on track again. Re-joining is at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course and his decision is final. 28. If a wet meeting is declared only karts fitted with wet tyres may race. 29. Any driver who allows someone else who is not a member of the club to race their kart will receive a 2 meeting ban. 30. Novice drivers must complete 3 meetings at the back of the grid (this may be varied at the discretion of the clerk of the course). If you are not up to race speed you may not be able to race. (if you are unsure please see the clerk of the course for advice). 31. Only unleaded pump fuel may be used. 32. The same driver must complete all heats & final. Points will be awarded as follows: 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. All 3 heats and the final will be scored and will count toward the championship. DNF will score 1 point. Trophies will be awarded for finishing position in the Final. Heats will be 8 laps with a 12 lap final – this may be changed at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course in the event of adverse weather or loss of light. 33. The decision of the clerk of the course is final; he may consult other officials before reaching a decision. 34. Incidents and complaints should be addressed to the clerk of the course in writing. He will give a written or verbal response before the meeting following the meeting in which the incident took place. 35. Anyone wishing to have an engine stripped for any reason must pay a deposit of £150 and make a request to the clerk of the course. An examination of the engine will be made under the supervision of the scrutineer. Any request must be carried out at the discretion of the committee within 48 hours at an agreed venue with the kart remaining under the supervision of the club. The clerk of the course, scrutineer or a committee member has the right to request an engine to be stripped without payment of the above fee. If found illegal the clerk of the course will impose a two meeting ban.
36. There will be an in depth drivers briefing which will be held at approximately 09.15, all drivers/guardians must attend before being allowed to race. Anyone wishing to join the race meeting after the commencement of the first race must obtain the agreement of all the other drivers in his class. It is the responsibility of the driver to obtain this agreement and to make it known to the Clerk of the Course; if there are any objections he will not be allowed to take part. 37. No karts to be started before 9 am  38. If more than one driver in any one class receives the same points the finishing order of the first race will determine final grid order. 39. End of year trophies will only be presented to competitors who have competed in 6 meetings during the season with a minimum number of 5 entries in the class. 40. Any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to race. If you sign on, we have the right to request a specimen of breath from you if required. If you are found to have consumed alcohol and are deemed not safe, you will not be racing. 41. Anyone being abusive, using foul language or fighting may be asked to leave the circuit immediately and at the time discretion of the committee may be banned from attending further meetings. In the event of such a ban other Kart Clubs in the area will be advised. 42. Drivers will be eligible to compete in a class only after their sixth birthday. Birth Certificates will be required for proof of age and a copy will be kept on file 43. Grid positions for the first heat will be determined using software that randomly chooses grid order. 44. Saturday practice will take place in twenty minute sessions divided into Bambinos, Cadets, Juniors then Seniors. Racing is not permitted during practice sessions. 45. It is the responsibility of the driver and his mechanics to ensure that his/her kart remains in a safe, race worthy conditions for the duration of the meeting. If you have any doubts please ask to be re-inspected. Weights, tyres, bodywork, brakes and engine must be secure and should be checked after each heat. Rules may be varied with the agreement of the club officials and the majority of the drivers in a class.